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  • 24600
    Jamie added A Bold, Inclusive Midsummer to favorites.
    • A Bold, Inclusive Midsummer
    • Mix actors with experienced American Sign Language actors and you don’t just get a traditional production with finger spelling on the side. ...
    wall 6 days ago
  • 17168
    Most if not all of you have read my posts. We've discussed our incite with one another. This means so much to me and I hope it means a lot to you.

    So do me a favor. Pretend all of the stuff we talked about was with us sitting in a coffee shop. And we've had one of those long soul searching heart warming delicious conversations that we've often had with our fellow theater artists. I've had them, you've had them. I wouldn't trade them for anything. Say my check came and it's for $5 and you say "oh, lemme get that". But you can put the $5 to the campaign instead.

    I have every reason to believe this company will be a huge success and it will cause a ripple effect into the community of giving people opportunities and inspiring them to create art of their own. We just need a little tiny boost from you.

    Do you not live in the area?

    Steppenwolf Theater in Chicago doesn't live in my area. And they're one of the biggest reasons why I'm inspired to do this!

    So who knows who this show and my company will inspire?

    We just need a tiny bit of help. From you, your circle of friends, anyone.

    C'mon folks, will you join us?
    Read More... 7 days ago
  • 17168
    I've started a theater company called Clever Enough and our debut show is Hamlet

    This production is getting great reviews--before it's even on stage
    This production is is part of something historic: the Complete Works Project (a two year long event where the entirety of Shakespeare's work will be performed by theater companies in Portland Oregon)
    This production is READY TO GO. Everything that's needed for it to be staged is done (light, sound and costume design, final cut of script, designing publication materials--you name it. This show is ready to be staged!

    But this show... needs your help

    And if you make just a small contribution to this campaign YOU'RE MAKING HISTORY since you're a part of making the Complete Works Project happen.

    Will you come on board?

    You all know the importance of Shakespeare, please help it thrive.

    Thank you for reading.
    Read More... 9 days ago
  • 24537
    Aks replied to the topic 'Antonio' in the forum.
    you should also show how can we act as antonio in character dramatisation
    Read More... 23 days ago
  • 62
    William Shakespeare created a new topic ' Antonio' in the forum.

    Antonio is a sea captain. Though considered a pirate by Illyrians, he considers himself an honorable opponent.

    Read More... 23 days ago
  • 62
    William Shakespeare created a new topic ' Charles' in the forum.

    Charles is the Duke’s wrestler. An honorable fellow, he comes to dissuade Oliver from letting Orlando participate in the wrestling the next day. 

    Read More... 23 days ago
  • friends fayad and Sean Dube are now friends
  • 3223
    Unfoldyourself replied to the topic 'Shakespeare Beyond Doubt' in the forum.
    As you may recall, in the previous posts I wrote about Shakespeare’s Hidden authorship (about post...
    Read More... 54 days ago
  • 17953
    Russell Slater replied to the topic 'Cutting the play' in the forum.
    Agree with the aspects MacFarlane picked up. It's really about trimming the script rather than...
    Read More... 56 days ago
  • 17168
    Hello everyone. I've been posting in the forums of this website for a while and I always enjoy it....
    Read More... 56 days ago
  • 17168

    So, I'm making this post here because I've talked about this production before on this group....
    Read More... 58 days ago
  • 24119
    Gautam created a new topic ' Gautam Moitra slams The Telegraph T2 drama critic' in the forum.
    I played two very important roles on the occasion of William Shakespeare’s 450th birth anniversary...
    Read More... 65 days ago