Macbeth Photos

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"Macbeth and Banquo meeting the witches on the heath." Painting by Théodore Chassériau, before 1856.
Charles Kean as Macbeth. Unknown photographer, 1858.
Macbeth. Painting by John Martin, circa 1820.
"Macbeth consulting the Vision of the Armed Head." Painting by Johann Heinrich Füssli, before 1825.
"The Sleepwalking Lady Macbeth." Painting by Johann Heinrich Füssli, 1781-1784.
Lady Macbeth. Painting by George Cattermole, before 1868.
Lady Macbeth, played by Lillie Langtry. Photo by B.J. Falk, circa 1889.
Czech actress Leopolda Dostalová playing Lady Macbeth, 1916. Photo by Bufka Studio.
Lady Macbeth. Painting by Gabriel Cornelius von Max, 1885.
Ellen Terry as Lady Macbeth. Painting by John Singer Sargent, 1889.
Macbeth. Etching by E. Hedges, 1783.