Much Ado About Nothing Photos

by William Shakespeare . Updated: 3 years ago

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A production of the play with Laura Hope Crews and John Drew. Photo by Charles Thorman, circa 1903.
A scene from the play with Don John. Illustration by Czech artist Artuš Scheiner.
Beatrice, played by Dame Ellen Terry. Photo by Albert Sterner, 1908.
Claudio accuses Hero of being untrustworthy. Painting by Marcus Stone.
Benedick and Beatrice, played by Henry Irving and Ellen Terry. Unknown artist, between 1870 and 1890.
Dogberry. Painting by Henry Stacy Marks, 1853.
Beatrice. Painting by Frank Bernard Dicksee, 1888, from Shakespeare Illustrated.
Benedick, played by David Garrick. Painting by Jean Louis Fesch, 1770.
"Dogberry and Verges with the Watch." Engraving by Robert Mitchell Meadows, before 1812.
Much Ado About Nothing by John Boydell (1852)