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Some voices speak across the ages. Find your voice with THE VOICES PROJECT.

10 actors, one day, one city, and the greatest monologue of all.

TO BE is the first strand of THE VOICES PROJECT from the Australian Theatre for Young People (atyp), and is a new take on the most famous words ever written for the stage.

Director: Damien Power
Producer: Bec Cubitt
Co-Producers: Eva DiBlasio, Eleanor Winkler
DOP: Guido Gonzalez
Editor: Nikki Stevens

THE VOICES PROJECT presents new monologues written by emerging playwrights from atyp's Fresh Ink writing program in an annual theatre production (THE ONE SURE THING opens in February), and online as short films: BOOT and BAT EYES, adapted from acclaimed monologues from playwrights Joanna Erskine and Jessica Bellamy, (premiering online in March). There is also an online writing competition, launching mid-February.

THE VOICES PROJECT aims to provide a platform for the voices of a new generation of Australian playwrights, performers, theatremakers and directors to be seen, to be heard, to be performed.

And what better way of kicking off a monologue project off than with the greatest monologue of them all?