Coriolanus :: Scenes :: Coriolanus: Act I, Scene 8
Scene 8A field of battle.MartiusAufidiusVolscian SoldiersMartius and Aufidius fight, but to no decisive issue.Alarum as in battle. Enter Martius and Aufidius at several doors.MAR.I’ll fight with none but thee, for I do hate theeWorse than a promise-breaker.AUF.We hate alike:Not Afric owns a serpent I abhorMore than thy fame and envy. Fix thy foot.MAR.Let the first budger die the other’s slave,And the gods doom him after!AUF.If I fly, Martius,Hollow me like a hare.MAR.Within these three hours, Tullus,Alone I fought in your Corioles walls,And made what work I pleas’d. ’Tis not my bloodWherein thou seest me mask’d; for thy revengeWrench up thy power to th’ highest.AUF.Wert thou the HectorThat was the whip of your bragg’d progenyThou shouldst not scape me here.Here they fight, and certain Volscian Soldiers come in the aid of Aufidius. Martius fights till they be driven in breathless.Officious, and not valiant, you have sham’d meIn your condemned seconds.Exeunt.


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