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Sebastopol Shakespeare Festival

Sebastopol Shakespeare Festival

Founded in 1993 and performing in Ives Park, Sebastopol. Sebastopol Shakespeare Festival is proudly hosted by Main Stage West.

This summer, the world premiere of Peaseblossom:

a farce based on Shakespeare’s most beloved comedy; A Midsummer Nights Dream. The quarreling royal fairies is a favorite subplot of Shakespeare’s masterpiece, but what really happened between the scenes with the fairies? This year the Sebastopol Shakespeare Festival is going to show you just that story. Peaseblossom and his friends, Cobweb, Moth and Mustardseed are going to figure out hilarious ways to solve their, and our, dilemma.

Starring a combination of actors and dancers from Sonoma County and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Mary Gannon Graham, Paul Huberty, Lauryn Hochberg, Allison Rae Baker, Eric Thompson, David Yen, Bronwen Shears, Brenda Reed, Chris Sword , Peter Warden, Braedyn Youngberg and many more. This play was written by OSF playwright Patrick Devon and workshopped by actors at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Please join us for a picnic!
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