Edward III :: Scenes :: Edward III: Act III, Scene 4

Scene 4

Picardy. The fields near Cressy.

(Frenchmen; Prince Edward; King John; Duke of Lorraine)

Prince Edward beats a large group of Frenchmen, who flee. Lorraine reports that the Genoese are to blame for the French rout; King John decides to try to convince some of the fleeing soldiers to return to the battle. ( line)

Alarum. Enter a many Frenchmen flying. After them Prince Edward, running. Then enter King John and Duke of Lorraine.


Oh, Lorraine, say, what mean our men to fly?

Our number is far greater than our foes.


The garrison of Genoaes, my lord,

That came from Paris weary with their march,

Grudging to be so suddenly employ’d,

No sooner in the forefront took their place,

But, straight retiring, so dismayed the rest,

As likewise they betook themselves to flight,

In which, for haste to make a safe escape,

More in the clustering throng are pressed to death,

Than by the enemy, a thousand fold.


O hapless fortune! Let us yet assay,

If we can counsel some of them to stay.




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