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TOPIC: Need help finding an appropriate quote...

Need help finding an appropriate quote... 3 years 11 months ago #5046

...for a screenplay I'm writing. The context is this: my heroine (with grave but understandable trust issues) is approached by my hero. but her suspicions that there may be more to this guy than people know give her cause to keep her distance. When he tells her he only wants to help, her response is my as of yet undiscovered Shakespeare quote that would imply a trojan horse theme; something along the lines of 'beware the hand extended in friendship'. If I had a great comeback for my hero, perhaps a passionate bearing of his soul - 'may my heart be ripped from my chest if I'm lying' sort of thing, it would be all the better. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Need help finding an appropriate quote... 3 years 10 months ago #5069


I've been searching for something that fits what you're looking for, but without great success. Probably the best approximation that's occurred to me is in ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL, Act IV, scene 2, where Bertram is trying to seduce Diana. Look around lines 29-34:

DIANA: ...therefore your oaths
Are words, and poor conditions, but unsealed--
At least in my opinion.

BERTRAM: Change it, change it!
Be not so holy-cruel. Love is holy,
And my integrity ne'er knew the crafts
That you do charge men with.

The situation is similar to what you are looking for (though neither party is in fact being honest about their agendas). It's a delightful scene, and can be quite funny, since he's so horny and she is so good at parrying his protestations. Read the whole scene and see if there's anything there you can use.

Best of luck, Julian
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