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Hamlet Documents

The section of the Library for documents related to Hamlet.


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Hamlet (First Folio XML) Hamlet (First Folio XML)

Filesize: 76.91 kB
Downloads: 15


First Folio version (original spelling) in XML created by the Team

Hamlet (Portuguese) Hamlet (Portuguese)

Filesize: 15.41 MB
Downloads: 16

Hamlet in Portuguese

Hamlet (Finnish) Hamlet (Finnish)

Filesize: 582.5 kB
Downloads: 20

 Hamlet in Finnish.

Hamlet (Italian) Hamlet (Italian)

Filesize: 713.5 kB
Downloads: 21

Amleto in italiano

Hamlet (Slovak) Hamlet (Slovak)

Filesize: 7.87 MB
Downloads: 27

Hamlet v slovencine, prekladal Pavol Országh Hviezdoslav

Hamlet (Story form) Hamlet (Story form)

Filesize: 343 kB
Downloads: 37

Story form by Paul Collins.

Hamlet Character/Scene Breakdown Hamlet Character/Scene Breakdown

Filesize: 89.23 kB
Downloads: 46
Breakdown of all the characters, scene by scene, for doubling.

Hamlet XML v3 Hamlet XML v3

Filesize: 80.85 kB
Downloads: 49 Edition

Hamlet Q1 (1603) Hamlet Q1 (1603)

Filesize: 10.56 MB
Downloads: 49

Facsimile of the Hamlet, Quarto 1 of 1603.

Hamlet Q2 (1604) Hamlet Q2 (1604)

Filesize: 17.47 MB
Downloads: 49

Facsimile of the Hamlet, Quarto 2 of 1604.

Hamlet (Spanish) Hamlet (Spanish)

Filesize: 573.5 kB
Downloads: 201

Hamlet en español.

Hamlet Q2 (David Evett) Hamlet Q2 (David Evett)

Filesize: 669.5 kB
Downloads: 344

David Evett's version of Hamlet Q2



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