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A Stylish Henry That Needs Polish

Shakespeare in Delaware Park

Shakespeare in Delaware Park’s Henry V brings war to the Buffalo, NY, stage, stylistically speaking. Director Saul Elkin makes...
Gently to Hear, Kindly to Judge Their Play

Lantern Theater Company

Alone of the history plays, Henry V makes a point to highlight that it is a history play, with...
The Courting Saves a Play Courting Disaster

Folger Theatre

If you can sit patiently through Robert Richmond's cut-and-pasted Henry V at the Folger, near the end you will...
Henry V at the Globe

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

Henry V is an excellent case-study in persuasive language. As a master of words himself, the Bard clearly wants...
The Baron's Men, Garbed and Girded in Austin

The Baron's Men

This Henry V by The Baron's Men is a feast for the eyes. The elaborate Elizabethan wardrobe of the...
God Save the King—For the King Saves the Show!

Shakespeare Theatre Company

Alright, we get it. Henry V is epic. The bloodshed, the rallies to battle, the wartime...
Imaginary Forces Work Overtime in Henry V

Actors' Shakespeare Project

The Actor's Shakespeare Project has a habit of staging productions that must be seen to be believed. On paper,...
Innovative Staging for Heroic Yet Humble Henry V

Royal Shakespeare Company

The rough metallic structure of Stratford’s temporary Courtyard Theatre is a hot topic amongst the arriving audience...
Harry's Not-So-Private Men

Crown City Theatre Company

Outdoor Shakespeare can feel as natural as any artistic marriage. It can also provide numerous atmospheric challenges for actors, directors,...
Dancing Henry Five Shows Strength in Measure

ODC Theater

I can’t claim to live in the glorious theatrical haven of New York City, but I swear, we...
10 results - showing 1 - 10
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