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Ambition Should Be Made of Sterner Stuff

Lantern Theater Company

In his notes about his production of The Tragedy of Julius Caesar for the Lantern Theater, director Charles McMahon...
Passing on the Baton of Despotism, One Republic to Another

American Shakespeare Center

I saw a bumper sticker on a car recently that said, "It's not about the right and left, it's...
Gritty Caesar is a Visual Treat

Immersion Theatre

From the outset, Immersion Theatre’s gritty production of Julius Caesar clearly wants to do something original. The opening replaces...
RSC's Caesar Strikes Too Close To Home

Royal Shakespeare Company

In 1601, just before the Earl of Essex’s uprising, a specially commissioned performance of Richard II was played for...
A Muscular, Articulate Julius Caesar in the Texas Hills

Shakespeare Under the Stars

The conspirators of the Ides of March are deep at work in the hills south...
The Fault, Dear Brutus...

Declan Adams Theatre

Declan Adams is a youthful, dedicated theatre company whose members exhibit great camaraderie and a...
Like a Colossus, Marin Shakespeare Competes With the Heavyweights

Marin Shakespeare Company

One might say Barry Kraft has done it all when it comes to Shakespeare. Kraft has acted in all...
Julius Caesar From the Heart

North Coast Repertory Theatre

Rain threatens San Diego on this strangely cool August evening. A group of twelve actors ranging in age from...
Boredom from Julius Caesar? NYC Buries Pigeon Creek

Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company

Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company, which originally hails from Grand Haven, Michigan, brings their production of an all-female Julius Caesar...
Stars Rise as Mighty Caesar Falls

Shakespeare Santa Cruz

In Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, the plot is simple. Julius Caesar is an ambitious political leader who wishes to become...
13 results - showing 1 - 10 1 2
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