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The Scottish Fall Thriller

Hedgerow Theatre Company

For the Hedgerow Theatre’s ninetieth anniversary, it was decided that their “fall thriller” slot would be filled by Macbeth....
There Will Be Blood

Shakespeare Orange County

Will there be blood? That was the question at Shakespeare Orange County. The company held a fundraiser in hopes...
Macbeth Express

Titian Repertory Theatre Company

A play like Macbeth is notoriously hard to do in an original way, but Titian Theatre makes their attempt...
Cauldrons Bubble...In A Guildford Church

Guildford Shakespeare Company

Guildford Shakespeare Company’s Macbeth tells a story, and it tells that story very well. There is no ‘concept’ foisted...
How to Ruin Macbeth (Intentionally)

University of Toronto at Mississauga

The very name ‘Shakespeare’ comes haloed with a certain gravitas, even when considering his comedies: the Great Playwright, the...
Macbeth Down Under, Now With 100% More Drugs

Geoffrey Wright’s Macbeth is likely the single most unpretentious Shakespeare film you will ever see. At no point does...
Is This a Tracksuit I See Before Me?

Breakfast Cat Theatre Company

Macbeth is a seasoned veteran of being set in different scenarios—asylums, communist era bunkers, even outer space. So when...
Macbeth in the Slammer

Belt Up Theatre

Plays are often sold as ‘interactive’ or ‘atmospheric’ but none will be able to compete with this version of...
Stewart is Sublime in Goold's Gory Show

It is always difficult to return to a play when your last experience of it was truly horrendous: such...
Macbeth Is Not The Only Tragedy in This Uninspiring Production

Platform 4

As I approach the Taachi Morris Arts Centre in Taunton, Somerset I am full of hope...
28 results - showing 1 - 10 1 2 3
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