Measure for Measure :: Scenes :: Measure for Measure: Act IV, Scene 6
Scene 6A street near the city gate.IsabellaMarianaFriar PeterMariana and Isabella discuss how they will accuse Angelo. Friar Peter enters to tell them he has found them a good place to stand along the Duke’s route, where they cannot miss him.Enter Isabella and Mariana.ISAB.To speak so indirectly I am loath.I would say the truth, but to accuse him so,That is your part. Yet I am advis’d to do it,He says, to veil full purpose.MARI.Be rul’d by him.ISAB.Besides, he tells me that if peradventureHe speak against me on the adverse side,I should not think it strange, for ’tis a physicThat’s bitter to sweet end.Enter Friar Peter.MARI.I would Friar Peter—ISAB.O, peace, the friar is come.FRI. PET.Come, I have found you out a stand most fit,Where you may have such vantage on the Duke,He shall not pass you. Twice have the trumpets sounded;The generous and gravest citizensHave hent the gates, and very near uponThe Duke is ent’ring; therefore hence away!Exeunt.


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