Merry Wives of Windsor :: Scenes :: Merry Wives of Windsor: Act IV, Scene 3

Scene 3

A room in the Garter Inn.

(Host; Bardolph)

Bardolph tells the Host that his German guests, who have taken over the whole inn, want to use three of his horses. They have promised that a Duke will be visiting the next day. The Host agrees, planning to overcharge them. ( line)

Enter Host and Bardolph.


Sir, the Germans desire to have three of your horses. The Duke himself will be tomorrow at court, and they are going to meet him.


What duke should that be comes so secretly? I hear not of him in the court. Let me speak with the gentlemen; they speak English?


Ay, sir; I’ll call them to you.


They shall have my horses, but I’ll make them pay; I’ll sauce them. They have had my house a week at command. I have turn’d away my other guests; they must come off. I’ll sauce them, come.




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