A Midsummer Night's Dream Reviews

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A Bold, Inclusive Midsummer

The Rochester Community Players

Mix actors with experienced American Sign Language actors and you don’t just get a traditional production with finger spelling...
Beautiful, Powerful, Magical, Dangerous

Theatre for a New Audience

A director known for her big screen and Broadway productions that strut and flash and swing, Julie Taymor tackles...
Puppets Dreaming Dreams

Shakey-Shake and Friends

Let’s start at the start: I have been waiting for quite literally years for someone to make the obvious...
A Delightful Night

The Old Globe

Laid out is a stage of flowers suggesting a forest, where anything could happen, on a warm summer night...
Unexpected Magic in Geva's Dream

Geva Theatre Center

You expect some magic with A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Geva Theatre Center, in Rochester, NY, provides just...
Erindale's Midsummer Night Chases Winter Away

University of Toronto at Mississauga

When attending a given performance requires a forty-five minute subway trip followed by an hour-long bus ride, with the...
Harnessing the Power of Imagination

Shakespeare Theatre Company

The bottom line is that A Midsummer Night’s Dream should make you laugh. Yes, pun intended. So, if you...
On a Summer Night, Buffalo's "Midsummer" is Magical

Shakespeare in Delaware Park

So often it seems that the two pairs of fairy-dusted lovers in A Midsummer Night’s Dream come off as,...
A Dream with Lovers, Fairies, Mechanicals, and Audience

American Shakespeare Center

Bottom, awake from his night of cavorting with a fairy queen in the Athenian woods, expounds on what he...
Mirren and Palmer Shine but This Dream Lacks Magic

Today it is difficult to imagine a production in which Robert Lindsay, Helen Mirren, Phil Daniels and Geoffrey Palmer...
37 results - showing 1 - 10 1 2 3 4
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