New Features Now Live

Friday, 22 April 2011 01:30

We've been working hard on improving the website and here are a few items we're happy to announce:

1. We just released our first newsletter. This is a great way for us to let you know the latest and greatest news and other happenings in the Shakespeare community.

2. Play texts now show long or short names. You can toggle the names based on your preference.

3. We've added line numbering to play texts. This is a great way to reference and even link to specific lines.

4. Our improved and upgrade Community section now has more support for events and videos and more.

5. Expanded monologue section is online. We want to help you find the best monologue for your class or audition so we've compiled one of the largest collection of speeches anywhere.

We want your feedback on the site and new features. Head on over to our feedback forum and tell us.


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