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Breaking Beautiful

Theatre for a New Audience

Arin Arbus directs Theater for a New Audience’s production of King Lear with a clear focus on the play,...
Show Us Your Love

The Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre

In popular consciousness, the position that Romeo and Juliet occupies is one of extremes. It's arguably Shakespeare's most famous...
Ambition Should Be Made of Sterner Stuff

Lantern Theater Company

In his notes about his production of The Tragedy of Julius Caesar for the Lantern Theater, director Charles McMahon...
Hamlet, N-Grammed

Hamlet performed by computers. Algorithms rewriting Shakespeare. One actor in the performance. A Piece of Work at Brooklyn Academy...
Never Bring a Robot to a Fish Fight

Curio Theatre Company

For those interested in exploring gender dynamics – like the Curio Theatre, as per the mission statement of their...
A Fair Show, a Less Fair "Twelfth Night"

Hart House Theatre

Twelfth Night is a play of travels: less so perhaps than Pericles, but the scansion between its scenes is...
Beautiful, Powerful, Magical, Dangerous

Theatre for a New Audience

A director known for her big screen and Broadway productions that strut and flash and swing, Julie Taymor tackles...
Petty Larceny Robs a Grand Design

Folger Theatre

In the press material accompanying opening night of this Romeo and Juliet at the Folger Theatre, director Aaron Posner...
The Scottish Fall Thriller

Hedgerow Theatre Company

For the Hedgerow Theatre’s ninetieth anniversary, it was decided that their “fall thriller” slot would be filled by Macbeth....
Much To Do with Hate, But More with Love

Curio Theatre Company

For their ninth season, the Curio Theatre Company’s goal is a focus on women and the exploration of gender...
480 results - showing 1 - 10 « 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 7 48 »
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