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Macbeth Down Under, Now With 100% More Drugs

Geoffrey Wright’s Macbeth is likely the single most unpretentious Shakespeare film you will ever see. At no point does...
Orson Welles's Film Noir

Orson Welles’s 1952 Othello is one of the lesser-known of Shakespeare films, partly due to its chequered history. Made...
Stewart is Sublime in Goold's Gory Show

It is always difficult to return to a play when your last experience of it was truly horrendous: such...
Mirren and Palmer Shine but This Dream Lacks Magic

Today it is difficult to imagine a production in which Robert Lindsay, Helen Mirren, Phil Daniels and Geoffrey Palmer...
A Highly Enchanting Dream in Hi-Def

It's been a long time coming. The age of Shakespeare has now entered today's world of high definition and...
Branagh's Long-Awaited Pomp is a Proud Display of the Bard's Circumstance

Opinions vary about how well Branagh’s somewhat pompous film version of Hamlet works. Like virtually every production of Shakespeare,...
Richard Burton's Hamlet (1964)

As great an actor as Richard Burton is —and he is among the greatest — the single most distinctive feature...
Much Ado About Nothing (Branagh)

An all-star cast helps Kenneth Branagh make this film one of the best and most accessible Shakespeare films ever...
8 results - showing 1 - 8
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