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Beautiful, Powerful, Magical, Dangerous

Theatre for a New Audience

A director known for her big screen and Broadway productions that strut and flash and swing, Julie Taymor tackles...
Petty Larceny Robs a Grand Design

Folger Theatre

In the press material accompanying opening night of this Romeo and Juliet at the Folger Theatre, director Aaron Posner...
The Scottish Fall Thriller

Hedgerow Theatre Company

For the Hedgerow Theatre’s ninetieth anniversary, it was decided that their “fall thriller” slot would be filled by Macbeth....
Much To Do with Hate, But More with Love

Curio Theatre Company

For their ninth season, the Curio Theatre Company’s goal is a focus on women and the exploration of gender...
A Play for All Ages Needs an Age to Play In

American Shakespeare Center

One of the knocks on William Shakespeare is that he's too cerebral. Guys who like their action and gals...
The Agony in Ecstasy

Shakespeare Theatre Company

Ecstasy is a religious state of mind, an inner spiritual awareness that results in euphoria. Ecstasy is also a...
Classical Theatre Company's Hamlet Soars Under Careful Direction

Classical Theatre Company

Although the Classical Theatre Company official motto promises to “boldly re-envision classical drama,” the five-year-old troupe believes it is...
There Will Be Blood

Shakespeare Orange County

Will there be blood? That was the question at Shakespeare Orange County. The company held a fundraiser in hopes...
Everybody Dance Now

The Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre

The Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre’s Classical Acting Academy, developed by Artistic/Executive Director Carmen Khan, is an immersive eight-week program designed...
Politics and Theater in Henry VIII

Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival

Every year, the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival stages one of their productions using similar methods as Shakespeare’s own time: the...
359 results - showing 11 - 20 « 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 7 36 »
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