Sonnets & Poems :: To the Queen

To the Queen

by William Shakespeare

As the dial hand tells o’er

The same hours it had before,

Circular account still lending,

So, most mighty Queen we pray,

Like the dial day by day

You may lead the seasons on,

Making new when old are gone,

That the babe which now is young

And hath yet no use of tongue

Many a Shrovetide here may bow

To that empress I do now,

That these children of these lords,

Sitting at your council boards,

May be grave and agèd seen

Of her that was their fathers’ queen.

Once I wish this wish again,

Heaven subscribe it with “Amen”.

Play Sources

None known.

Text Sources

Manuscript of 1599

Version 3.3

GFDL License 1.3

This copyright notice may not be removed under any circumstance.


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