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Magic in Clark Park

Shakespeare in Clark Park

Shakespeare in Clark Park, known for its free outdoor productions designed to create an “accessible, affordable cultural event” for...
Magical Muppetry

Shakey-Shake and Friends

Most people’s introductions to Shakespeare are not auspicious: Romeo and Juliet or A Midsummer Night’s Dream are rammed down...
The Stuff of Someone Else's Dreams

Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival

“We are such stuff /as dreams are made on, and our little life / is rounded with a sleep”:...
Marooned Amid Manmade Detritus, Philip Lehl's Prospero Works His Magic

In the Classical Theatre Company’s staging of The Tempest, director John Johnston privileges intimacy over the pomp and pageantry...
A Stunning Tempest

The Old Globe

It is difficult to condense an experience of an excellent production by the illustrious Adrian Noble, Artistic Director of...
A Very Tempting Mirren

Director Julie Taymor gender bends The Tempest in casting Helen Mirren as the all-powerful magician banished to a deserted...
Atmospheric Tempest

The Rose

The Rose Theatre is tucked away on a side street paralleling the south bank of the Thames, the entry...
Prospero as Philosopher King

Austin Shakespeare

Prospero's enchanted isle is suggested by the wide circle marked out on the floor of the Rollins Theatre at...
Unicorn's Tempest Not Just Kids' Play

Unicorn Theatre

For most of us, an introduction to Shakespeare doesn’t occur until...

Classic Stage Company

The Tempest looks impossibly hard to produce: a shipwreck on stage, an air spirit and half-demon that aren’t human,...
13 results - showing 1 - 10 1 2
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