Two Gentlemen of Verona :: Characters

The Two Gentlemen of Verona Characters

The Duke of Milan intends to marry his daughter, Silvia, to Sir Thurio; he himself is planning to woo a lady, though it has been a long time and he does not quite remember how to go about it. 


Valentine is a young gentleman of Verona. He thinks that men in love are foolish until he himself falls head-over-heels for the Duke of Milan’s daughter, Silvia. 


Proteus is a young gentleman of Verona whose emotions are extremely changeable and lacks self-control. 


Antonio is Proteus’s father. 


Thurio is a foolish gentleman at the court of Milan, and a suitor to Silvia’s hand. 


Sir Eglamour is a knight at the Duke’s court, who was deeply in love with a lady, who died. 


The Host runs an inn where Proteus and Julia each stay while they are in Milan. 


The First Outlaw is quite blunt about being the enemy of those whose path crosses his band’s, and considers the stabbing to death of men and the stealing away of women to be no more than petty crimes. He is a banished gentleman of Milan.


The Second Outlaw is all for killing travellers.


The Third Outlaw is greatly impressed by Valentine, and thinks him just the sort of man the outlaws need as a leader. 


Speed is Valentine’s servant. He is given to endless wordplay, and is rarely quiet. 


Launce is Proteus’s servant. Not the brightest, he occasionally mixes up his big words. 


Panthino is Antonio’s servant. 


Julia is a young lady of Verona beloved by Proteus. 


Silvia is the blonde-haired, grey-eyed daughter of the Duke of Milan. 


Lucetta is Julia’s waiting-woman. Strong-spirited, she does not take well to being badly-treated by her mistress. 


Musicians are hired by Thurio to serenade Silvia at night.


Crab is a moderately-sized dog. Launce’s pet, he is very badly-behaved.



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