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  • Sue Taylor-Davidson
    6 hours 36 minutes ago

    A tribute to my sister who retires today from 30 plus years of working at day care centres with children of various ages!
    Sharon, I have watched from the first days, how hard you worked at all your many assignments at College (don't let anyone ever tell you College is easier than University because it simply is not true...most people work far harder in College!), to your first steps working placements at day care, to your first jobs. You ALWAYS GAVE 100%! You became a wonder of fun, parenting, singing, dancing, theatrics, super program organizing, even science experimenting, proper and helpful disciplining, LOVING, always LOVING, (even when you had to grit your teeth or turn away not to laugh! - like Dad - , joy-bringing, gentle caring......Sharon you are amazing and the children, each one, you have sent on their ways into life a lot stronger, a lot more knowing who they were and with COPING SKILLS. I don't know how many you have touched, but just think of the impact of one Day Care Teacher on this world and the lives those children will form!
    TIME for you to have a well-deserved rest and, as Bob says, to "re-create yourself"...and that will be important. Take time with that, and take time to realize that you are leaving when you are at the TOP of your game. God knows there were difficult times but you amazingly weathered them all with HIS help.
    Thanks for your example. Never think that we don't understand how hard this is for you. But it is not'll be back there or somewhere else, doing storytimes or visiting. And call me PLEASE if you want to talk, laugh, cry, whatever!
    SAHRON YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!! World look out...she has more free time...Janis Joplin move over!

  • Liza Citron
    10 hours 15 minutes ago

    The person I shared this from said, "It's cold outside." I want to add that there's no kind of atmosphere.

    Mom (Citron) and Dad (Citron), this is for you!

  • Gregory Kelley
    11 hours 58 minutes ago

  • Wen Stephan

  • Shawn Kumar Jain


  • Sarah Enloe

    Look at our camper!!

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