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Scene 1

Florence. The Duke’s palace.

(Duke of Florence; two French Lords; First Soldier as Interpreter; Second Soldier)

The Duke tells the French lords (who come unofficially) that he cannot understand why the French King does not become his official ally. The Lords make excuses for their King. (27 lines)

Flourish. Enter the Duke of Florence, the two French Lords, with a troop of soldiers.


So that from point to point now have you heard

The fundamental reasons of this war,

Whose great decision hath much blood let forth

And more thirsts after.


Holy seems the quarrel

Upon your Grace’s part; black and fearful

On the opposer.


Therefore we marvel much our cousin France

Would in so just a business shut his bosom

Against our borrowing prayers.


Good my lord,

The reasons of our state I cannot yield

But like a common and an outward man

That the great figure of a council frames

By self-unable motion, therefore dare not

Say what I think of it, since I have found

Myself in my incertain grounds to fail

As often as I guess’d.


Be it his pleasure.


But I am sure the younger of our nature,

That surfeit on their ease, will day by day

Come here for physic.


Welcome shall they be;

And all the honors that can fly from us

Shall on them settle.—You know your places well;

When better fall, for your avails they fell.

Tomorrow to th’ field.

Flourish. Exeunt.


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