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Battle For Denmark, a Hamlet web series

Introducing Battle For Denmark: The timeless tale of Hamlet is now told through vlog format as we follow Horatio and Hamlet's story of corruption, revenge, friendship, and a plastic skeleton. Horatio (Hailey Buck), as the social media intern for the Claudius campaign, decides to start a campaign vlog to publicize the campaign, but soon gets high ja...
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The Dharma According to Shakespeare

  Shakespeare has been my frequent companion for almost fifty years, during which time I have studied his works in school, read them for pleasure, attended hundreds of performances, watched dozens of film versions of the plays, and spent many hours listening to audio productions during morning and afternoon commutes. And for the past twenty ye...
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A Call from the Shakespeare Association of America

A Call from the Shakespeare Association of America
Today, we received this message from the leadership of the  Shakespeare Association of America . It's intended for the Shakespeare theatre members of SAA, but has farther reaching implications so we  felt it was important to share on our blog and elsewhere. --------------- American members of the SAA have the chance to make a di...
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Totally Random Daily Shakespeare

​​This done, see that you take no longer days, But send the midwife presently to me. -Aaron Titus Andronicus        Act IV, scene ii      Line 166 Let's be clear here. The 'this done' that the speaker is referring to is the burying of the body of the nurse he just killed. And the reason he...
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Celebrating Shakespeare400 with the Global Shakespeare Explorer

Hi everyone, I've just joined the community and this is my first post on the blog!I've been recently working on a very exciting project which I wanted to share with you, hopefully you'll find it interesting too. This summer is undoubtedly a summer full of Shakespeare as 2016 marks 400 years since the Bard's death. To celebr...
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