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Battle For Denmark, a Hamlet web series

Introducing Battle For Denmark: The timeless tale of Hamlet is now told through vlog format as we follow Horatio and Hamlet's story of corruption, revenge, friendship, and a plastic skeleton. Horatio (Hailey Buck), as the social media intern for the Claudius campaign, decides to start a campaign vlog to publicize the campaign, but soon gets high ja...
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Celebrating Shakespeare400 with the Global Shakespeare Explorer

Hi everyone, I've just joined the community and this is my first post on the blog!I've been recently working on a very exciting project which I wanted to share with you, hopefully you'll find it interesting too. This summer is undoubtedly a summer full of Shakespeare as 2016 marks 400 years since the Bard's death. To celebr...
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What is BardFind and why don't I have it already?

The newest release of the Shakespeare app for Apple devices is out today and it has an amazing new feature—BardFind™.

BardFind is a database of theatres, festivals, and associations performing and supporting Shakespeare around the world. The venues are all fully searchable or you can just find the nearest Shakespeare theatre no matter where you are.




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What Does Open Source Shakespeare Mean?

The proliferation of digital editions of Shakespeare's works is no doubt a great thing. Just 10 years ago when this site started, it was difficult to find them—primarily because there were really only two or three editions in the public domain. Now there is a larger selection (including the editions used on this site) and it's enabling students, teachers, scholars, theatre professionals, computer programmers and even the average fan to rework the bard in new ways.

At, we believe strongly in the philosophy of open source. When intellectual property is released to the world using an open source license, it fosters creativity and innovation in building upon those ideas, create new works, and make them better. When open source is supported, everyone benefits. That combined with creating a high quality digital edition was a driving principal in 2005 when the first version of our editions was created. It had to be free because existing editions (Arden, Riverside, Folger, etc.) were all proprietary.

What's the difference between "free" and "free"? This is a point of confusion for most people. Often the word "free" is used when promoting open source material. But free can mean several things and it's very important to distinguish the difference:

"Free of charge" means you don't have to pay for it. You can download it with no cost to you at all."Freedom to use" means you can do whatever you want with it—adapt it, give it away, sell it, etc.

Just because you have #1 doesn't automatically mean you have #2 (and vice-versa). The definition of "open source" is defined by the Open Source Initiative (OSI) and the Freedom Software Foundation (FSF). In short, the definition of open source doesn't mean the source code is freely available to download. This is a common misconception. Open source defines the conditions of usage of that source code. If that usage is restricted (especially commercially), it's not open source. 

There are a few "free" editions of Shakespeare's works available on the Internet. Here are the three most popular:

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A Tiny Tempest

A Tiny Tempest

Tact will be performing A Tiny Tempest, a fast paced 55 minute version of The Tempest at this years Edinburgh Fringe. If you are going to be there like our facebook page or contact me for special offers.

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