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The Comedy of Errors Characters

Dromio of Syracuse is Antiopholus of Syracuse’s slave. 

A quick-witted fellow, he has a good relationship with his master: despite the latter’s tendency to beat him, they often enter into flights of repartee where Antipholus gives Dromio free range to exercise his wit. He is deeply confused by the misunderstandings of the day, and wishes for a place to pray, being quickly convinced that he and his master are under a spell. At Adriana’s entreaty he keeps the gate to the house closed while she and his master dine, and uses a rude tongue against those who hope to come in. He is terrified of the fat kitchen-maid who lays claim to him, and runs to his master for safety, convinced she is a witch. He finds a ship for them to flee on, but also has to run for money from Adriana when Antipholus (of Ephesus) is arrested. Returning with the money to find Antipholus (of Syracuse) denying any knowledge of this, he is even more ready to believe that the courtesan is a devil when she comes to speak to them. Though with his master he begins to walk about with his sword drawn, he becomes slightly reconciled to the place, until they are suddenly on the verge of being tied up as madmen, at which point he hurries Antipholus (of Syracuse) into a nearby priory. He is greatly relieved when all the confusion is cleared up and he discovers that he will not have to marry Nell the kitchen-maid. His humor can be of a low sort, racist and scatological by turns, but he is a kind man, insisting that his twin of Ephesus take precedence.


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