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Cymbeline Characters

Imogen is Cymbeline’s daughter and the heir to his throne. 

A beautiful girl with blue eyes, she is obedient and generally docile, but has an iron backbone and will not be moved against her own desire and integrity. She proves this when she marries Posthumus behind her father’s back and refuses to divorce him, or pay any attention to the attempted seductions of Cloten, even though the King her father is in favor of that match. She is open and honest, though her innate politeness prevents her from fully expressing her opinions until she is pressed too far. She is also chaste, and puts off her husband from the marriage bed – their marriage may not even be consummated. She can be extremely headstrong, whether in keeping to her room or galloping off to meet Posthumus, disguising herself as a boy named Fidele, or entering in service to her father’s enemy. She is extraordinarily courageous, and has excellent instincts, knowing exactly whom to trust even when she cannot explain why, and also knowing that her stepmother means her no good. Horrified at Posthumus’s accusations against her and desire to see her dead, she still loves him and forgives him when he repents; nevertheless, waking out of a drugged sleep she is incapable of recognizing that it is not his headless body that she wakes up next to, but Cloten’s. She is delighted to discover that the two young men she befriended in the cave are actually her brothers, and that she will therefore not inherit the throne. A well-educated young lady who enjoys reading in bed, she has a mole on her left breast.


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