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Double Falsehood Scenes

Scene 4

Another prospect of Don Bernard’s house.

(Leonora; Citizen; Don Bernard)

Leonora waits at her window for someone to pass by; finally, a citizen with a face she trusts passes by, and she calls to him. She throws him some money and a letter, asking him to deliver it to Julio. (40 lines)

Enter Leonora, above.


How tediously I’ve waited at the window,

Yet know not one that passes. Should I trust

My letter to a stranger, whom I think

To bear an honest face, (in which sometimes

We fancy we are wond’rous skillful) then

I might be much deceiv’d. This late example

Of base Henriquez, bleeding in me now,

From each good aspect takes away my trust:

For his face seem’d to promise truth and honor.

Since nature’s gifts in noblest forms deceive,

Be happy you, that want ’em!—Here comes one;

I’ve seen him, though I know him not; he has

An honest face too—that’s no matter. Sir!—

Enter Citizen.


To me?


As you were of a virtuous matron born,

(There is no doubt, you are) I do conjure you

Grant me one boon. Say, do you know me, sir?


Ay, Leonora, and your worthy father.


I have not time to press the suit I’ve to you

With many words; nay, I should want the words,

Though I had leisure: but for love of justice,

And as you pity misery—but I wander

Wide from my subject. Know you Julio, sir?


Yes, very well; and love him too, as well.


Oh, there an angel spake! Then I conjure you,

Convey this paper to him: and believe me,

You do heav’n service in’t, and shall have cause

Not to repent your pains. I know not what

Your fortune is;—pardon me, gentle sir,

That I am bold to offer this.

Throws down a purse with money.





I trust to you; heav’n put it in your heart

To work me some relief.


Doubt it not, lady. You have mov’d me so,

That though a thousand dangers barr’d my way,

I’d dare ’em all to serve you.

Exit Citizen.


Thanks from a richer hand than mine requite you!



Why, daughter—


I come:—Oh, Julio, feel but half my grief,

and thou wilt outfly time to bring relief.

Exit Leonora from the window.


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