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Edward 3 Characters

Edward III is the King of England, a passionate man used to getting his own way. 

A proud man, he is insulted at the idea of being forced to do homage to the French King when he can claim the throne of France for himself. He does not act quite as nobly as he ought to, and is easily distracted from his wars by a pretty lady; in fact, he is quite able and willing to make a fool of himself over one. His attempts to woo the Countess of Salisbury provoke a burst of both lyricism and literary criticism from him, neither of which suit him, along with distracting him from his job. Luckily for England, as well as his own reputation, he recovers. He knows the value of propaganda, and quarters his arms with those of France even before fighting for the throne of that country begins. He is a proud but tough father to his son Prince Edward, refusing to give him any help on the battlefield so that he will not learn to expect any. Though generous by nature, Edward can also be cruel and vindictive, as in his plan to slaughter the six richest men of Calais in retribution for the city’s earlier refusal to surrender. His wife Queen Philippa is able to sway him on this, however. Edward is not an overly complicated man, being direct and generally acting as honor dictates, but his temper and desires can get in the way of that on occasion – and as he is not overly complicated, he follows them where they lead.


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