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TOPIC: The eye of innocence.

The eye of innocence. 10 years 2 months ago #1350

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Judging from the general drift, nobody knows anything at all about the truth behind Shakespeare. How long must we suffer this hot air?

How is it so many intelligent people can write so much about Shakespeare but achieve nothing but hot air (or sometimes a nice little bank account).

Most adults (excluding myself) cannot see the wood for the trees.

Whoever wants to understand 'Shakespeare' needs to think in a less adult way, and more like an innocent kid.

I'm short of the skills to communicate exactly my thoughts, so I hope my drift is clear.

As for the Sonnets, how often is the question raised over the two pairs of brackets at the foot of Sonnet 126, but nobody mentions the acrostic anagram on the left side: TIS MY SHADOW A?

It will seem lunacy itself has visited this forum, but that anagram holds a crucial key to opening the Sonnets - if only it could be seen through the eyes of a child.

That's the very reason why most of people cannot grasp the meaning of those 17 Sonnets: the see and think like adults: think M r WH; think about r being the only little letter on the dedication page; think big letters parents, little letter - child- letter r; think r is 17th in old abc; think father of r is Greek P; think two pairs of blank brackets; think PARENT hesis; think Time's sickle-glass sickle-hour, think four brackets; think like a little kid who plays with the alphabet, and takes the letter A, and turns it around, and sees an Egyptian staring back; think Tis my shadow A; think prim shy maiden's eye; think not so shy Cleopatra's eye; think...

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