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TOPIC: Shakespeare Wrote Shakespeare

Shakespeare Wrote Shakespeare 6 years 1 week ago #5630

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The debate about whether or not Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare has been going on for decades. We are students in high school and we are writing this as an assignment to investigate if Shakespeare truly wrote all of his works. The three candidates that were thought may have written Shakespeare’s works are Francis Bacon, Christopher Marlowe and Edward De Vere. However, with the evidence found, there is little to support any of the claims that any of these men could have written Shakespeare. Shakespeare himself wrote Shakespeare.

Many people believe that Sir Francis Bacon was the true Shakespeare. This is mainly due to the fact that he was well educated, and there are allegedly ciphers in Shakespeare’s works that point to Bacon having written them. However, it is very unlikely that Bacon was Shakespeare. First, he was already a well-known writer in his time. He was known as the father of scientific method and wrote many books, including “New Atlantis.” For this reason, it is highly improbable that he would attribute several great works to another person. In addition, he would have been far too busy with the books he was writing to write the Shakespeare plays. Bacon was notoriously lacking in money throughout his life. Why would he write these great works, and not attribute them to himself? These would have surely elevated his wealth and fame. Bacon was also a known woman-hater. In the comedies, the author clearly loves and admires the women. How could Bacon have written these comedies in this way if he despised women? There is still a small possibility that Bacon could have written Shakespeare, but there is more evidence that supports the opposite view. Bacon was not the only candidate for the authorship, Christopher Marlowe was another.

Christopher Marlowe is sometimes thought of as the real Shakespeare. Even though he died in 1593, many believe that he survived and his death was just a cover up to save his life. His friends in high places did so because he was an atheist, he then skipped town and went to write his plays and poetry under the new name of Shakespeare. However, with a coroner’s report and a dead body, there is little claim to him having survived. Shakespeare’s work started appearing a couple years after Marlowe’s death. And since the style of writing was different and with the time gap, there is no evidence that Marlowe could have still lived and written under a new pen name with a new writing style. Marlowe has a small amount of support compared to Edward de Vere.

Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford is a candidate of being Shakespeare. De Vere has been connected to the Shakespeare debate since 1857. The arguments for de Vere have ranged from the fact he knew the workings of Elizabethan court well to his style of writing compared to Shakespeare. The first argument presented that de Vere is Shakespeare is the similarities in their writing. Evidence has been shown that although their verse styles were similar the quality of de Vere’s work was lacking in comparison to Shakespeare. Also de Vere died before many of the plays were even written. If de Vere was writing under the name Shakespeare, it doesn’t make much sense. At that time it was not unheard of for nobles to write and he would not have needed to use the pen name. There are many similarities between the two men but that is where it ends.

After discussing the possibilities of other authors who could have written the plays, people have to go back to the source of all the controversy. Did William Shakespeare actually write the Shakespeare plays? There is some evidence but there no solid evidence that he did not write the plays and that someone else wrote them. All the controversy comes from people’s theories and no actual evidence. One huge doubt that convinces people that William Shakespeare did not write the plays is because of his education. Shakespeare was educated at a local school house, but that does not mean he did not know about aristocratic life. Many people picked up knowledge from life on the streets and widely read books that were from different languages. Even if Shakespeare was not fully educated still does not mean that he did not write the plays. Many authors have been known to write the framework of the story and hire a person to fill in some parts. If Shakespeare was not excellent at one part of his book, he could have hired a person to help him with the parts that he was not fully acknowledgeable of. Just because Shakespeare did not write the plays from start to finish does not mean that he should not get credit for the work that he came up with. If this was true many writers and painters should not be credited of the work they did.

Another obvious reason why Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare is because his name was written on all of the plays. Everybody in that time period believed that he was the real author. If people did not believe him from the start, then he would never have become famous in the first place. People should not go against 300 years of history, just because they have theories that cannot be backed by solid evidence. Shakespeare was also in most of his plays. Back then, many play writers would act in their own plays. He would want to get credit for his own work and see it go into action. If Shakespeare did not actually write Shakespeare, then he went through a lot of trouble to steal the plays and take credit for them. No one would be able to pull off lying to everybody and convincing the whole population that he was the actual write of the plays.

Some believe that Shakespeare was a fraud and stole the plays from other people. Other possibilities of who could have written Shakespeare were discussed in the paragraphs above. Marlowe, de Vere, and Bacon all seemed like good candidates for being Shakespeare, but there is no solid evidence that they were the true writers. They all had problems with the timeline of when the plays were written. All the evidence presented against Shakespeare was proved to be mere coincidences. After being well reviewed, William Shakespeare seemed like the best candidate. His lack of education was explained because he might have hired a fill in writer and the fact that his name was written on all the documents is proof itself that he was the true writer.
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Shakespeare Wrote Shakespeare 4 years 5 months ago #6778

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Kindly note: Mark Twain wrote Tom Sawyer, not Mark Clemens. I've just used your logic. It clearly says the author's name is Mark Twain. End of story.
It's more than a coincidence that the Earl of Oxford's in-laws received the Dedication to the First Folio. I want you to read the plays and the sonnets, and use common sense when deciding what type of person wrote them. 1. He was so adept at the law that literally hundreds of attorneys have stepped into the debate based upon their knowing he was a member of their craft. You can't fake such precise knowledge of the law. The Earl of Oxford went to Gray's Inn
2. He HAD to have gone to Italy, as exact streets and houses that still stand are described in detail in the Italian Plays The Earl of Oxford took a grand tour of Italy in 1575. By coincidence, he traveled to every city used as locale in the plays. The cities Oxford did not visit are not in the plays. He was also heavily in debt to money lenders when he was in Venice, and had to sell properties in order to be able to leave.
3. The author is a member of the highest levels of society, as he knows the intrigues of the court as an insider. An interior view from a courtier's perspective. He's showing off his superior education. He's showing off his knowledge of royal sports that the Stratford man could not participate in by rule of law. Falconry to a large extent is used as metaphor throughout the canon. 5. The author shows keen knowledge of astronomy (Oxford knew Tycho Brahe), medicine, (Oxford's family physician wrote a book dedicated to the Countess of Oxford which is known as the primary source for the bard's medical expertise.
READ THE PLAYS!!!! They are by someone with a superior education, and experience in military affairs and theories, medicine, travel, royal intrigues, etc. etc.
Only Edward de Vere, whose family recieved the Dedication to the First Folio, fits the logical descriptions and attributes of the man known as "Shake-speare"..... which sounds to me like a cloaked pen-name, don't you think?
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Shakespeare Wrote Shakespeare 1 year 1 month ago #7321

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Ed, I suspect you meant to write"'not Samuel Clemens" rather than ''not Mark Clemens"?
All your other points are well made, although I disagree with the claim that "only Edward de Vere...fits". If you are comparing the named contenders above then yes I agree. If you are making an exclusionary statement then other potential contenders not named above cannot be excluded with such sweeping certainty on the basis of your evidence. It's a probability thing.
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