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TOPIC: Old English dominating Act 1:

Old English dominating Act 1: 4 years 8 months ago #6715

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I had taken notice of the avoidance of any words not basic Germanic, and strongly Indo-european in origin. The use of Interrogative Pronouns what, where, when, then, now etc. apply nammer strokes
to the Witches meeting. Solid anchors all. The domininance of pronouns paints a background where
nothing is known, where everyone is startled by occurance, where one wonders who, what, when and where is next. Nature itself has become fog, strangeness everywhere. Like war itself or an unfolding holicost nothing is sure, no outcome certain, no path to safety is offered. The first scene ends as the war itself is ending. The reports obtained in the next scene amplify the fog
and the wildly changing fortunes the war generates. From the end of the first act on, I am also
fascinated by the dominance of second hand reports. What is comes through filters of letters and
histories related. This reporting, like print in shakespeare's time, puts reality itself somewhere always over the horizon, in another time-space and clouded with its reflection of the inner workings of the mind and character of those that compose the reports. Does anyone else
seem affected by the predominance of I.E. KWO roots here?
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