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Henry 4, Part 1 Characters

Prince Harry is King Henry’s eldest son and the heir to the throne. 

He is his father’s despair due to the fact that he spends all of his time in bars, running around with a bad crowd. He is close to Falstaff, though how fond he is of the old fat knight is uncertain. Quick-witted, he has the common touch, and is able to get the scum of the earth to cheer him and be his friends. His antics have got so out of hands that he has been banned from the King’s council, where his brother John has replaced him. He is a huge disappointment to the whole of the nobility, and Hotspur in particular disregards him entirely. He enjoys wordplay and mockery, particularly of Falstaff, and enjoys the latter’s stories and tall tales. What is not realized, either by his father, the court, or his companions, is that no matter how much he may enjoy his dissipated ways, Harry’s wastrel ways are in fact a coldly calculated act, a part he’s playing so that when he becomes King he can immediately gain the allegiance of respectable people by instantly turning over a new leaf. He is an excellent soldier, able to best both Douglas and Hotspur in single combat, and loves his father a lot more than he tends to let on. He loses his sense of humor in battle, and does not keep up the mask he wears most of the time as well as he does in the tavern. Asking for the right to determine Douglas’s sentence, he lets him go out of respect for his valor. His further adventures are chronicled in Henry IV, Part Two and Henry V.


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