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Henry VI, Part 3 Characters

George (Duke of Clarence), first of the Yorkist party, then of the Lancastrian, then of the Yorkist again, is the Duke of York’s second son. 

The weakest of the three grown sons of York, he is not present at the battle until after his father’s death, though he joins his brothers in time to Towton and is with them to mock the dying Clifford. Edward’s career as a seducer amuses him, but he is outraged when his brother decides to marry the Lady Gray, and he is not shy about letting his opinion of Edward’s lack of political judgment known. Envious of his brother’s position and conscious of his own lack of means, he marries Warwick’s younger daughter and joins the Earl’s side when the latter rebels against Edward. He is among those who capture Edward by surprise, and witnesses his de-crowning by Warwick. He is made joint Protector of the realm with Warwick by King Henry when the latter is restored, but when called to actually fight against the returned Edward, he refuses and returns to his brother’s side. He does not like having his two-facedness pointed out to him, and uses it as his excuse when he stabs Prince Edward. He refuses to kill Queen Margaret, and guesses that his brother Richard has gone to kill King Henry. His further career can be found in Richard III.


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