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pdf Taming of A Shrew Q1 (1594)

Facsimile of the First Quarto of Taming of A Shrew from 1594.

archive Taming of the Shrew (First Folio XML)

First Folio version (original spelling) in XML created by the Team

pdf Taming of the Shrew Character/Scene Breakdown

Breakdown of all the characters, scene by scene, for doubling.

document The Tamer Tamed Popular

The Woman's Prize, otherwise known as The Tamer Tamed, is generally regarded as to have been written entirely by John Fletcher as sequel to Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew (1594). Three versions exist: a First Folio (1647), a Second Folio (1679), and a handwritten manuscript by William Lambarde (which is nearly identical to the First Folio edition). This is the First Folio edition, likely performed for the first time in 1611.