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Lady Macbeth is a ruthless woman. More openly ambitious than her husband, she does not shy from murder, and pushes Macbeth towards it. 

She is worried that his kinder side may keep him from going as far as he may. She calls on the powers of darkness to steel her against remorse or misgiving, and concocts he whole plan of how to kill Duncan. When Macbeth backs out of the thought, she brings him around by a combination of mockery, belittling of his manhood, and accusations of cowardice. She drugs the king’s attendants herself, and leaves their daggers when Macbeth will see them. She considers committing the murder herself, but she is troubled by Duncan’s resemblance to her father, and forbears. Though frightened while waiting for Macbeth to emerge from Duncan’s chamber, she is controlled enough to erase all the evidence afterwards. Once Queen, her closeness with her husband begins to fray as he draws away from her, now hiding his plots. She is at first able to stop the feast from disintegrating into chaos when Macbeth sees Banquo’s ghost, but in the end realizes that she must rid the room of witnesses. Consciously she does not suffer the remorse that affects Macbeth; but while he can no longer sleep, she begins to sleepwalk, admitting to her guilt and begging for some way to wash away her sins. In the end she is guilt-ridden enough that she commits suicide.


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