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Macbeth Scenes

Macbeth: Act 1, Scene 2

Scene 2

A camp near Forres.

(King Duncan; Malcolm; Donalbain; Lennox; Attendants; Sergeant; Rosse; Angus)

Macbeth: Act 1, Scene 4

Scene 4

Forres. A room in the palace.

(King Duncan; Lennox; Malcolm; Donalbain; Attendants; Macbeth; Banquo; Rosse; Angus)

Macbeth: Act 1, Scene 6

Scene 6

Before Macbeth’s castle.

(King Duncan; Malcolm; Donalbain; Banquo; Lennox; Macduff; Rosse; Angus; Attendants; Lady Macbeth)

Macbeth: Act 2, Scene 3

Scene 3

The court of Macbeth’s castle.

(Porter; Macduff; Lennox; Macbeth; Lady Macbeth; Banquo; Rosse; Malcolm; Donalbain)

Macbeth: Act 3, Scene 1

Scene 1

Forres. The palace.

(Banquo; Macbeth; Lady Macbeth; Lennox; Rosse; Lords; Attendants; Servant; Two Murderers)

Macbeth: Act 3, Scene 3

Scene 3

Forres. A park near the palace.

(First Murderer; Second Murderer; Third Murderer; Banquo; Fleance)

Macbeth: Act 3, Scene 4

Scene 4

A room of state in the palace.

(Macbeth; Lady Macbeth; Rosse; Lennox; Lord; Lords; Attendants; First Murderer; Ghost of Banquo)

Macbeth: Act 4, Scene 1

Scene 1

A cavern.

(Three Witches; Hecat; Macbeth; First Apparition; Second Apparition; Third Apparition; Kings; Ghost of Banquo; Lennox)

Macbeth: Act 4, Scene 2

Scene 2

Fife. Macduff’s castle.

(Lady Macduff; Son; Rosse; Messenger; First and Second Murderers)

Macbeth: Act 5, Scene 1

Scene 1

Dunsinane. An anteroom in the castle.

(Doctor of Physic; Waiting Gentlewoman; Lady Macbeth)

Macbeth: Act 5, Scene 3

Scene 3

Dunsinane. A room in the castle.

(Macbeth; English Doctor; Attendants; Servant; Seyton)

Macbeth: Act 5, Scene 4

Scene 4

Country near Birnam wood.

(Malcolm; Siward; Macduff; Siward’s Son; Menteth; Cathness; Angus; Lennox; Rosse; Soldiers)

Macbeth: Act 5, Scene 9

Scene 9

Dunsinane. Within Macbeth’s castle.

(Malcolm; Siward; Rosse; Thanes; Soldiers; Macduff)


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