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The Merry Wives of Windsor Characters

Sir John Falstaff is a very fat rogue with no money but many plans to get some.

An old, white-bearded man with great self-esteem, he has no doubts about his attractiveness to the ladies, and intends to use this supposed seductiveness to get his hands on some ladies’ gold. Unfortunately for him he does not realize that he is not quite as much of a prize as he thinks, nor that both his targets (Mistress Page and Mistress Ford) are best friends and will show each other everything. He also does not think that his followers might ever turn on him. A great coward, Falstaff will undergo any humiliation to avoid being caught by a jealous husband, whether it is being snuck out in a laundry basket or dressing as a woman and being beaten as a witch. He is a great speaker who can talk himself out of almost any situation and enjoys the sound of his own voice to excess. Having absolutely no sense of morality, he has no qualms about conning people, beating up people who get in his way, and poaching another man’s deer. A drinker addicted to sack, his main purpose in life is to indulge himself, for which he needs money, the chief end of his endeavors. He is much more easily deceived than he thinks he can be, and he continues to trust the two merry wives as they make a fool of him time and again. Still, he is able to laugh at himself and recognize how well he has been served.


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