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Monologues for Women


Sir, I desire you do me right and justice,

And to bestow your pity on me; for

I am a most poor woman, and a stranger,

Born out of your dominions; having here

No judge indifferent, nor no more assurance

Of equal friendship and proceeding. Alas, sir!

In what have I offended you? What cause

Hath my behavior given to your displeasure,

That thus you should proceed to put me off,

And take your good grace from me? Heaven witness,

I have been to you a true and humble wife,

At all times to your will conformable;

Ever in fear to kindle your dislike,

Yea, subject to your countenance—glad, or sorry,

As I saw it inclin’d. When was the hour

I ever contradicted your desire?

Or made it not mine too? Or which of your friends

Have I not strove to love, although I knew

He were mine enemy? What friend of mine

That had to him deriv’d your anger did I

Continue in my liking? nay, gave notice

He was from thence discharg’d? Sir, call to mind

That I have been your wife in this obedience

Upward of twenty years, and have been blest

With many children by you. If, in the course

And process of this time, you can report,

And prove it too, against mine honor aught—

My bond to wedlock or my love and duty,

Against your sacred person—in God’s name

Turn me away; and let the foul’st contempt

Shut door upon me, and so give me up

To the sharp’st kind of justice. Please you, sir,

The King your father was reputed for

A prince most prudent, of an excellent

And unmatch’d wit and judgment; Ferdinand,

My father, King of Spain, was reckon’d one

The wisest prince that there had reign’d by many

A year before. It is not to be question’d

That they had gather’d a wise council to them

Of every realm, that did debate this business,

Who deem’d our marriage lawful; wherefore I humbly

Beseech you, sir, to spare me, till I may

Be by my friends in Spain advis’d, whose counsel

I will implore. If not, i’ th’ name of God,

Your pleasure be fulfill’d!

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