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Monologues for Men


When I came hither, I was Lord High Constable

And Duke of Buckingham; now, poor Edward Bohun.

Yet I am richer than my base accusers,

That never knew what truth meant. I now seal it;

And with that blood will make ’em one day groan for’t.

My noble father, Henry of Buckingham,

Who first rais’d head against usurping Richard,

Flying for succor to his servant Banister,

Being distress’d, was by that wretch betray’d,

And without trial fell; God’s peace be with him!

Henry the Seventh succeeding, truly pitying

My father’s loss, like a most royal prince

Restor’d me to my honors; and out of ruins

Made my name once more noble. Now his son,

Henry the Eight, life, honor, name, and all

That made me happy, at one stroke has taken

For ever from the world. I had my trial,

And must needs say a noble one; which makes me

A little happier than my wretched father.

Yet thus far we are one in fortunes: both

Fell by our servants, by those men we lov’d most;

A most unnatural and faithless service.

Heaven has an end in all; yet, you that hear me,

This from a dying man receive as certain:

Where you are liberal of your loves and counsels,

Be sure you be not loose; for those you make friends

And give your hearts to, when they once perceive

The least rub in your fortunes, fall away

Like water from ye, never found again

But where they mean to sink ye. All good people,

Pray for me! I must now forsake ye. The last hour

Of my long weary life is come upon me.


And when you would say something that is sad,

Speak how I fell. I have done; and God forgive me!

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