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Monologues for Men


What’s that? Set’t down, let’s look upon’t.

’Tis wondrous heavy. Wrench it open straight.

If the sea’s stomach be o’ercharg’d with gold,

’Tis a good constraint of fortune it belches upon us.

Wrench it open.

Soft! It smells most sweetly in my sense.

O you most potent gods! what’s here? a corse?

Shrouded in cloth of state, balm’d and entreasur’d

With full bags of spices! A passport too!

Apollo, perfect me in the characters!

Reads from a scroll.

“Here I give to understand,

If e’er this coffin drives a-land,

I, King Pericles, have lost

This queen, worth all our mundane cost.

Who finds her, give her burying,

She was the daughter of a king.

Besides this treasure for a fee,

The gods requite his charity!”

If thou livest, Pericles, thou hast a heart

That ever cracks for woe! This chanc’d tonight,

For look how fresh she looks! They were too rough

That threw her in the sea. Make a fire within.

Fetch hither all my boxes in my closet.

Death may usurp on nature many hours,

And yet the fire of life kindle again

The o’erpress’d spirits. I heard of an Egyptian

That had nine hours lien dead,

Who was by good appliance recovered.

Enter one with boxes, napkins, and fire.

Well said, well said. The fire and cloths.

The rough and woeful music that we have,

Cause it to sound, beseech you.

The vial once more. How thou stir’st, thou block!

The music there! I pray you give her air.

Gentlemen, this queen will live. Nature awakes,

A warmth breathes out of her. She hath not been

Entranc’d above five hours. See how she gins

To blow into life’s flower again!

She is alive; behold

Her eyelids, cases to those heavenly jewels

Which Pericles hath lost, begin to part

Their fringes of bright gold. The diamonds

Of a most praised water doth appear,

To make the world twice rich. Live, and make

Us weep to hear your fate, fair creature,

Rare as you seem to be.

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