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Much Ado About Nothing Scenes

Scene 2

A room in Leonato’s house.

(Leonato; Antonio)

Leonato’s brother Antonio excitedly tells the governor that a servant overheard Don Pedro telling Claudio he was in love with Hero. Leonato goes to tell Hero of this, so that she will have an answer ready when Don Pedro speaks to her. (8 lines)

Enter Leonato and an old man Antonio, brother to Leonato, meeting.


How now, brother, where is my cousin, your son? Hath he provided this music?


He is very busy about it. But, brother, I can tell you strange news that you yet dreamt not of.


Are they good?


As the event stamps them, but they have a good cover; they show well outward. The Prince and Count Claudio, walking in a thick-pleach’d alley in mine orchard, were thus much overheard by a man of mine. The Prince discover’d to Claudio that he lov’d my niece your daughter, and meant to acknowledge it this night in a dance; and if he found her accordant, he meant to take the present time by the top, and instantly break with you of it.


Hath the fellow any wit that told you this?


A good sharp fellow. I will send for him, and question him yourself.


No, no, we will hold it as a dream till it appear itself; but I will acquaint my daughter withal, that she may be the better prepar’d for an answer, if peradventure this be true. Go you and tell her of it.

Several persons cross the stage.

Cousins, you know what you have to do. O, I cry you mercy, friend, go you with me, and I will use your skill. Good cousin, have a care this busy time.



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