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The New

Regular visitors of this site will have noticed that things have changed quite a bit in recent months. Here's an overview of the changes we've made:

New hosting server: The previous host was sluggish and we found another that has much better performance (and a little cheaper!). It was a massive migration that took a few weeks, but well worth it.

New design: We had the previous design since around 2005 (with many tweaks and changes) and it was growing long in the tooth. This new design is cleaner, fresher and more modern.

Mobile friendly and responsive: Now the site is very mobile friendly and behaves responsively to any screen size. It makes reading and navigating on smaller devices much easier.

Upgraded CMS: runs on Joomla, the best content management system around. We upgraded to the latest version, which included many enhancements.

DVD Reviews retired: As digital media proliferates, DVDs and CDs are slowly disappearing. We've modified our review section focus on "Film" in general.

Play texts updated: Our open source play texts receive updates as needed (they are also used in our Shakespeare app). New information and minor fixes have been incorporated.

Updated Shakespeare Directory: The Shakespeare Directory now has even more Shakespeare venues than before. It is the largest directory of Shakespeare theatres anywhere and still growing.

New Team page: The new team page highlights the members and their bios.

More Play Statistics: Our Study section now has even more statistics and information about the Elizabethan era.

New Document Library: Our document library has been updated and expanded to include hundreds of resources.

There are been many other minor improvements and features, but we're not stopping there. In the coming months, there will be a major upgrade to our Community section with photo sharing, event calendar, and more.

We welcome you're feedback in our discussion forum, so come join us!


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