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PlayShakespeare now free on iPhone, iTunes

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Friday marked the official launch of the Apple iPhone Store on iTunes and PlayShakespeare is now available on your iPhone and iPod.

As part of our previously announced cooperation with Readdle (who also launched their popular eBook application), we worked closely with the Readdle team to put the complete works of Shakespeare at your fingertips. The new application, called simply "Shakespeare," includes the high-quality texts from free of charge.

The benefits of being on the iPhone Store are numerous. It allows us to update our texts and have them automatically updated on your iPhone or iPod. It also allows us to add new functionality to bring you some of the other popular aspects of

More information:
iTunes link for Shakespeare (iTunes required to view):

iTunes link for ReaddleDocs (iTunes required to view):


UPDATE: A new version has been submitted to Apple for approval and it fixes scrolling issues and adds some other features. Keep your eye on the iTunes store for future updates to the Shakespeare application, including search and other handy functionality.

The play editions included in the application are from this site. More information about the texts can be found here:

A matrix of the editions used can be found here:

Please write your review of the Shakespeare application at the iTunes store by clicking the link below (iTunes required to view):

See user review here (iTunes required to view):


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