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A year ago, Apple's App Store opened on iTunes and the Shakespeare application was there almost since day one. A partnership with Readdle allowed us provide high-quality texts of all the plays and poems completely free of charge. Students, teachers, actors and directors alike all agree that the Shakespeare app is one of their favorite applications. We've had no advertising whatsoever and have even responded to many user requests for features (including search). 

The Shakespeare app is the single most important Shakespeare application on the App Store and on the iPhone all over the world. It's downloaded up to 8,000 times per day and is on almost 600,000 iPhones (half of which are in the US). Users consistently give it the highest ratings for its features and simplicity. Just in the first year, the app has been featured in Time magazine, FHM, and Entertainment Weekly as a top must-have for any iPhone user.

But we want to do more...a lot more. Unfortunately, we need funds for development. We have a few options:

1) We can start charging for the Shakespeare app (probably $1.99). We'd like to keep the application free to all but we want to make it so much better. 

2) We can find a sponsor to either partner with to support ongoing development costs or a one-time grant. Obviously in exchange for promoting within the app and on our site (which receives almost 2 millions hits/month on average). 

3) Both 1 and 2.

The size of sponsorship will determine whether or not future versions of the Shakespeare app will be free or not. We need your help to sponsor the development of this invaluable tool. As a partner, you'll also have a say in what features are added. Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have an interest in partnering to make the best Shakespeare app even better.

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