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Pericles Characters

Marina is Pericles and Thaisa’s daughter, born at sea in the middle of a storm. 

With her father mourning the death of his wife, she is left with his friends Cleon and Dionyza, who promise to bring her up along with their daughter Philoten. Trained in all the maidenly arts, she is an excellent weaver, embroiderer, musician, singer, dancer, little realizing that her superiority to Philoten in these matters enrages Dinoyza. A very innocent fourteen-year-old, she mourns the death of her nurse Lychorida deeply, and is stunned to discover that Leonine has been ordered to murder her. Captured by pirates and sold to a brothel, her almost pathological chastity makes her less of a bargain that the owners expected. Simply by talking, she is able to convince all the clients who want to pay for her to stop whoring. By bribing Boult, she gets him both to not rape her and to propose to the Bawd and Pander that she be hired out as a teacher rather than as a whore. Her fame growing, she is called upon to attempt to reach the catatonic man on a newly-arrived ship, who turns out to be her father. She looks very much like her mother, as well as having her voice, eyes, and straight-backed posture. Beautiful, obedient, accomplished, and chaste, she is every father’s ideal daughter. She marries Lysimachus, who first met her in the brothel.


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