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Romeo and Juliet Characters

Romeo is the only son of the Montague family of Verona.

He is well-versed in Petrarchan-style poetry, which forms the essence of his speaking style. He seems to take little part in the feud with the Capulets, being far too busy mooning over Rosaline. Even when he comes across evidence of yet another brawl, though he laments that it should have occurred, he quickly turns it into a commentary for his love for Rosaline. Said love is washed quite clean from his mind the moment he meets Juliet, Capulet’s daughter. Sneaking into her garden and speaking with her, he is forced by her common sense and the reality of her existence to cease using the fake, stylized language he used about the unobtainable Rosaline. Convinced by his confessor Friar Laurence that his marriage to Juliet may help to reconcile the two warring families, he refuses to respond to Tybalt’s taunts and challenges, leading his best friend Mercutio to consider him a coward. Attempting to stop the fight between Tybalt and Mercutio, he merely causes the latter’s death, which is enough to make his pacific disposition crack and for him to kill Tybalt in return. The fact of exile brings him to the brink of suicide at the thought of never seeing Juliet again, refusing to see all the ways in which he is lucky. Waiting for news in Mantua, he hears of Juliet’s death and rushes to her grave to kill himself to be with her.

He is a good companion and gets along well with most people. He is especially close to Mercutio and to Friar Laurence, as well as to his cousin Benvolio. Even old Capulet, the head of his family enemies, admits him to be a virtuous young man. He is also highly emotional and given to acting on his impulses. He is in his mid-teens.


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