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Juliet is the only child of the Capulet family. A fortnight shy of fourteen, she is an obedient child, but reveals herself to be passionate and willing to betray all that she has been brought up to when she falls in love with Romeo. 

Though she can play Petrarchan word-games as well as Romeo, she has little patience for them once she has completely fallen for him. She is a practical girl, arranging for such things as meeting-times, secret messages, and marriage plans, things that Romeo simply doesn’t think of. She is also impatient (a quality her nurse plays on) and physical: her love for Romeo is not merely spiritual, and she impatiently looks forward to her wedding night. When only a few hours after her marriage she discovers that Romeo has killed her cousin Tybalt, she is at first torn, but quickly dismisses Tybalt from her thoughts to concentrate on Romeo’s banishment. He sneaks in for the night, and she does not want him to leave in the morning, but soon has to force him to go, at which time she is taken by a terrifying premonition of their deaths. Believing that her grief is over her cousin’s death, her parents attempt to mend it by bringing her wedding to County Paris forward. Standing up to them, Juliet finds herself cut off from her parents’ love; her last comfort, the Nurse, betrays her by suggesting that she go ahead with marrying Paris. Ready to kill herself if all else fails, she accepts Friar Lawrence’s plan to fake her death, and takes his sleeping potion despite her fears. Waking to find Romeo dead beside her, she refuses to leave with the Friar, she stabs herself before anyone can reach her.


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