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Sir Thomas More Characters

Sir Thomas More is an honest, kind and witty man who rises from being a Sheriff of London to Lord High Chancellor (the highest post in the kingdom) before being sent to jail and executed for obeying his conscience rather than the King. 

A good talker, he is able to calm a riot by using logic and strong imagery on the rioters. He is a great friend of the poor, who adore him as the one man in government who has their interests at heart; people are shocked to discover that he does not take bribes. He is known throughout the world as a wise man, and the just-as-well-known Erasmus is delighted at the opportunity to meet him and talk with him. What is less known is that he is an inveterate practical joker who cannot resist an opportunity for a joke, or for that matter to show off – even taking a missing actor’s part in a play and improvising the role. To be fair, as a rule his jokes have a moral point to them. A good family man, he thinks that his wife talks too much, and excludes her by speaking Latin, which the rest of the family understands but she does not. He refuses to blindly sign something the King desires him to, insisting that he may consider the matter first; demoted from his post, and later jailed and condemned to death, he takes this all with great philosophy. He is capable of jesting even on the scaffold. He is an older man, and his beard is rather thin. He is beloved by everybody who knows him for his incomparable moral rectitude.


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